The MotoXtek accessory line will increase the functionality of your existing Mount. The Moto-Gripper is a multipurpose, adjustable holder that will allow you to secure a wide range of cell phones, GPS systems, and MP3 players securely to your bike. The universal camera mount will allow you to attach a wide range of cameras securely to your bike and for those of you using GoPro Cameras, you can take advantage of the custom mount for GoPro Cameras to securely attach it to your bike.

For those of you who want to get the most out of your Moto-Gripper or one of the optional accessories, we have also made a suction cup attachment that will allow you use it in any vehicle. If you are looking for an American Made product that is built to last and can securely attach your electronics to your bike, boat, camper, or vehicle, MotoXtek has got you covered.