About Us



MotoXtek is a Highly Effective Online Shopping Resource for Motorcycle Parts and Accessories.


This unique shopping platform brings together high-end manufacturers, the best brands on the market and enthusiast riders looking for real excitement.


Over the course of my career, I have established myself not only as a motorcycle fan and ridingĀ freak, but also as an authoritative and knowledgeable source for information and products. Today, I am proud to be at the forefront of one of the most exciting adventures in our field, setting new standards in how riders shop for their stylish brands.


My personal enthusiasm for motorcycle riding and my strong desire for perfectionism have resulted in the launch of MotoXtek. As an online shopping center for your motorcycle needs, MotoXtek combines professionalism, knowledge and specialization to bring you the best available products. Our best in class website is undoubtedly a sweeping makeover of the common shopping habits, resonating with my personal philosophy and my exquisite attention to detail.


MotoXtek’s leadership is built on our proven ability to provide rider-driven products and services, offering our clients a user-friendly, convenient and unique shopping experience.


From its inception, MotoXtek has been warmly welcomed by many devoted riders who have shown great interest in this new online shopping environment. Encouraged by our success and solid reputation, I vow to keep developing and promoting MotoXtek for many years to come. I pledge to provide professional solutions and an exclusive customer service, with an endless devotion to my customer needs.


We are located in Prosper, TX.

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