Sturgis was a Success!


Sturgis was a Success!

We finished Sturgis this year with a Bang!  Our Moto-Gripper was a big seller.  Especially with the GoPro Mount.  There was thousands of people this year at the 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Rally.  From Saturday to Saturday; Black Hills HD was totally busy.  We had visitors from all over the world visiting our booth; some of them with their bikes and others renting.


The Moto-Gripper was a “hot” product at the event.  Why, because it has a very “clean” look and when it’s mounted on the bike; it doesn’t cover any of the gauges or interfere with anything.  The biggest product that sold with our handlebar, control or mirror mount was the “GoPro” camera mount.  There was a GoPro tent just up from ours and we met the people from Biker’s Choice and they liked it so much; they sent people to our booth just for our GoPro Mount.  At the end of the event we felt Sturgis was a success for us.


In addition to our Moto-Gripper; we also offer the EZ-Up Center Stand made by Wheeldock.  It was also a “success” at Sturgis.  It is primarily for the Harley Touring Bikes from 1989 to the current year.  Several different models are available; so you need to contact us regarding the correct sizing for your Harley.

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