Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit

Saddlebag Gun Holster Kits are designed for the Harley Touring Bikes.


The first and only of its kind, our saddlebag gun holster kit consists of three pieces: docking station, concealed carry (waistband) gun holster and a larger diameter dcus pin washer. It’s design allows the rider to carry their firearm at all times where permitted, but return it to the docking station where it can be locked safely where dictated by law.


The kit is designed to be worn as inside waistband holsters. If you choose, the Small and Medium holster can be worn on the outside of the hip, but the Outside Hip Large Holster configuration is a less secure setup. The kits are manufactured in the US and have a lifetime guarantee. Keep in mind; it you wear your holster on the left side; you would order a right saddlebag gun holster kit and vice versa. Contact us for further questions.