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10mm Threaded Mirror Base + Moto-Gripper Kit

Mirror Mounts are designed to thread into the un-used mirror mounting holes found on many metric motorcycles including Kawasaki and Yamaha.

  • Top: 17mm Ball (Pivoting)
  • Mount Style: 10mm Threaded Mirror Base
  • Shaft Length: 2.5
  • Shaft Style: 17mm Ball (Pivoting
  • Height: 2.5
  • Color: Black
  • Threads into any 10mm x 1.25 standard (Left or Right Side)
  • Includes Moto-Gripper
SKU: MX-31000-MG

Total Price:$ 78.95 $ 71.06

Categories: Kawasaki

Price:$ 78.95

Sale Price:$ 71.06

You Save:10%


The Mirror Mount and Moto-Gripper combination turn your unused mirror base into a functional cell phone, GPS, or MP3 holder or combine the Mirror Mount with our optional beverage holder or camera holder. The smooth left, right, up, and down adjustments allow you to position your device perfectly. This motorcycle cell phone mount is built from aircraft grade aluminum, making it strong and sleek. If you should have an issue with your mount, our limited lifetime warranty will cover the repair or replacement. Cell phones and other electronics are expensive, protect that investment with our top notch mounts.


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