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The body of the Moto-Gripper is injection molded using Dupont Delrin Acetel resin thermoplastic and your cell phone is held in securely in place with polyurethane fabric to prevent scratching of your phone, and four stainless steel springs with a 18-pound grip.


The grip range of the Moto-Gripper is 1.9” to 4.2” and will hold cell phones (including the Samsung Note), GPS devices, MP3 players, and Toll Transponders.


Moto-Gripper enables you to mount your cell phone to your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, bicycle or any other power sport vehicle.


The Moto-Gripper is secure for life as it is UV Proof, heat resistant, waterproof and is the only motorcycle cell phone mounting device on the market to come with a lifetime warranty!


Total Price:$ 39.95

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Unlike many cheap motorcycle phone mounts on the market today, we take great pride in the quality of our products which is why we are the only company to offer a lifetime warranty. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, our phone mount is built to last and to look great on your bike.


The Moto-Gripper is adjustable meaning you can secure a wide range of phones, GPS units, MP3 players or toll transponders to your bike with ease. Combined with our Handlebar, Control or Mirror Mount, you can rest assured that your electronics are firmly mounted, easily adjusted, and within reach at all times.


Whether you need to keep your phone close for a cross town trip or your GPS handy for a cross country journey, the Moto-Gripper will get the job done.

  • Holds any cell phone, GPS, MP3 Player in any case from 2.1″ up to 4.2″ wide.


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