Product Description

Suction Cup

For use with our Moto-Gripper.

  • Fully Adjustable
  • 3 Pound Weight Limit
  • Uses: Car / Trucks / RVs / Boats
  • Moto-Gripper sold separately

Total Price:$ 38.95

Categories: Accessories




Pairing our suction cup mounting arm with the Moto-Gripper will allow you to enjoy our Moto-Gripper phone, GPS, MP3, or Toll Transponder mount in your vehicle, boat, or RV. You can also pair the suction cup mount with one of our optional camera mounts and you will be able to secure your camera in your vehicle, enjoying the same convenient adjustment capabilities and secure mounting as you get with our motorcycle mounts.

Stop buying a new mount for every device and enjoy the universal mounting capabilities of the suction cup mount and Moto-Gripper.


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