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Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit

Harley Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit


The first and only of its kind, our saddlebag gun holster kit consists of three pieces: docking station, concealed carry (waistband) gun holster and a larger diameter Dzus pin washer. It’s design allows the rider to carry their firearm at all times where permitted, but return it to the docking station where it can be locked safely where dictated by law.



  • These holsters are designed to be worn as inside waistband holsters. If you choose, the Small and Medium holster can be worn on the outside of the hip, but the Outside Hip Large Holster configuration is a less secure setup.
  • If you carry your gun on the right side, we suggest you mount your saddlebag gun holster kit in the left saddlebag.  If your carry your gun on the left side, we suggest you mount your saddlebag gun holster kit in the right saddlebag.

Total Price:$ 39.95$ 52.95


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Price:$39.95 - $52.95



Relax and cruise with security and safety – enjoy the ride!

  • Saddlebag gun holster kit includes docking plate, belt clip style holsters and washer
  • Select from Left or Right saddlebag and attaches to the saddlebag mounting pins or bolts
  • Features metal clips so that weapons can also be quickly removed from the saddlebag and attached to belt
  • Fits almost any style and year model saddlebag, both hard and leather bags that use twist pin/Dzus pin mounts

Additional information

Select Side :

Right Saddlebag, Left Saddlebag

Size :

Small – $41.95, Medium – $44.95, Large – $47.95, X-Large – $52.95

Year of Manufacture:

2016-Earlier, 2017-Later

Sizing Chart

  • All .380 single stack or pocket pistols take the small
  • All 1911 style pistols take the medium
  • Large fits: Full Size S&W .45 or .40 / Springfield XD series
  • Medium fits: Most Glocks (21H9 & 23) / Springfield XD-S / S&W Shield
  • Small fits: Ruger LCP or LCP 9/ S&W Body Guard / KEL-TEL 380 (Almost all .380 & Single Stack)
  • Any questions on which size; send us an e-mail:

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